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In the Summer of 1963...

Portofino is the story of Calvin Becker, the teenage son of American missionaries. His family trip to Portofino is the highlight of his year. But this year, Portofino has changed.

The Jet Set

Once a restful fishing village, it has seemingly overnight become a haven for the Jet Set il bel mondo: Princess Grace, the Duchess of York, Jackie Kennedy and the marvelous yachts that go with them.

In this teeming, resplendent village, the evangelical zeal of Calvin’s family collides with "la dolce vita", forcing Calvin and his English girlfriend Jennifer Bazlinton into numerous adventures as he tries to avoid his family.

Buona Sera

Amidst this cross-cultural comedy are two love stories— one of first love and one of love rediscovered. Along the way, a spiritual journey unfolds that Calvin never expected, but finds the summer has changed his life.

A heart-warming love story that examines fate and chance, faith and fundamentalism, Portofino is a funny yet nostalgic romp about growing up, losing your innocence, and falling in love.


Creative Team

Music and Lyrics

Mark Wilder


Frank Schaeffer, Mark Wilder and Frank Gruber

Source Material

Based on the novel by Frank Schaeffer.

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